Dec 072013

The moment I met you
Looking at a glance at you
I found laughter in my eyes
With all rhapsody, going shy
Hope glittering in my soul
Kindering emotions to hug and roll
Thoughts are turning into jewels
Where luster of your aura dwells
Expressions getting diamond strings
Finding you as the chime of cool winds
Desires flowing graciously
Within frozen moments spaciously
Your sight giving warm embrace
With all love lexicon grace
Your presence ignited ember in air
Unsaid words are meek, echoes there
I see a majestic world around
Your shimmering portrait I found
That is what I always wished
“For a Moment’s Bliss”

Indian Review | Author| Seema Gupta writes poetry in Hindi, English and Urdu. She has published her works in various magazines, newspaper and others. She has received various awards and honours such as the “Proud of Nation” Award, “Ashok Kavya Bhushan” and others.

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