May 162013

6:45 PM

April 8, Pune

The homeless woman lay under a tree relaxing in the steady, comforting breeze that blew away the tedium of a hot day. All was still and quiet and she was dropping off to sleep when, through the corner of her eye, she caught a quick movement in the bushes. Alarmed, she sat up.

The sun had set a few minutes ago and she peered through the dusk trying to figure out if it was a wild animal. To her surprise, it was a man crawling through the hedge. He moved fast and with ease through the
thick shrubs despite the heavy rucksack on his back. He reached behind a cluster of bushes, lay very still on the grass and looked intently at something with a pair of binoculars. Intrigued, the homeless woman quietly hid behind a clump of shrubs and watched him. For more than an hour, the man barely moved a muscle. She didn’t either. Her instinct told her that she had to stay away from this man. ‘Is he a burglar?’ she wondered, fighting to keep her eyes open in the sleepy stillness.

She woke suddenly with a start. Surely I did not doze off for more than a minute? She shook her head. Her eyes searched the bushes for the man. The spot on the grass was empty. The man had disappeared!

As she moved to get up, a hand grabbed her neck from behind. Her head jerked back and she caught a glimpse of the man staring at her with vicious eyes. She opened her mouth to scream and he slit her throat open from ear to ear.

She was dead seconds before a series of deafening explosions tore the evening apart.

The Brotherhood | Dev Saha

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Indian Review | Novel | Download | Dev Saha’s novel “The Brotherhood” is about the cold horrific carnage, and several unanswered questions of 26/11. Dev Saha, a Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan alumnus, completed his graduation in computer science and his MBA from Pune University. He is now employed with an IT MNC.

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